Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ira goes to Nursery School

I brought Ira to enrol in nursery school when he was 3years 6months old (that was in 2008). He was pretty excited to be in school to meet new friends and teachers.

At home, I was already teaching him basic things like colors, the alphabet and numbers among other topics. I bought him Longman Children’s Picture Dictionary which comes with a CD, which he was very interested in. The songs are very enticing. All are original compositions. Even the alphabet song was new! This book is really entertaining and educational because it has almost all of the basic things kids need to learn - alphabet, numbers, colors, shapes, things around the house, animals, vegetables, things around the community, transportation, and a lot more, in colorful pages. It prepared him for his enrolment in nursery.

He joined nursery in the second semester. July 1, his first day in nursery. We were early. He put on his uniform. I took pictures of him (as we usually do when the kids go on their “firsts” ). He carried his own bag and water bottle and was pretty much ready to go. I was a bit nervous because i don’t know how he will behave in his first day. I was thinking that i would go with him in the classroom so he would feel comfortable even with new faces (his classmates and teachers) around him. But to my surprise, his classmates were quite friendly. A boy, Raunak, was talking to him and sort of welcoming him while they were still queueing to go inside the classroom.

in his PE uniform

When it was time to go inside the classroom Ira was asking me to go with him. But the chinese teacher brought him inside, to be with his classmates. The teacher said that if everything is ok with him then i don’t need to go in. I left the centre wondering if Ira would adjust well in his new environment. I was sort of waiting for a call from the teacher telling me that he is crying and looking for me. But that did not happen at all.

When i came to pick him up, what i saw was a smile as he stepped out of the classroom. Ira was happy he has a lot of kids to play with. I am glad he enjoyed his first day in school.

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