Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Celebrating the Year of the Tiger (2010)

Who says that the Lunar New Year is just for the Chinese? We can also take advantage of this celebration. After all, it's a long weekend holiday.

Some people probably went overseas to spend the holidays. Others might not be as lucky and were in the office. Good thing was there were not much cars on the street. Buses are not packed. Although it was hard to flag a cab probably because some of the cabbies were also visiting relatives.

In our case, we had 2 things to celebrate - Valentine's Day and our 10th anniversary. Nothing fancy though. I initially planned for us to go to Resorts World Sentosa but since Universal Studios was not open yet, we decided to postpone the themepark visit until everything was fully operational.

Since it was hot, we decided to go swimming at Sengkang Swimming Complex. We wanted to be sure that it was open so I called there office and asked when they would be closed. The person I spoke with said the complex will only be closed on Sunday (it was Saturday then). We were quite relieved to hear that. The kids changed to their swimsuits and we were off to the pool. Unfortunately, we arrived to an empty complex. It was closed! There were other people there who thought that it was open, only to be disappointed. Good thing for McDonald's and 7-11 though.

We didn't want our trip to go to waste so we decided why not go to Compass Point and check out some fans at Best Denki. Of course, we had to call the mall reception to check if the shops were open. We got hold of a reception officer and she mentioned the mall was open but most of the shops were closed. Fortunately, she said Best Denki was open until 8pm. It was almost 7pm when I called the mall so we had enough time to walk to the mall until Best Denki's closing time. To our disappointment, again, Best Denki was closed! What an unfortunate day it was for us. We can't do anything about it though so we just headed home.

The next day, Sunday, the usual routine, mass at 11am, lunch after mass. We decided to go to Ikea Tampines. And yes, we did call before going. They were open, this time we were not disappointed. The kids were able to play at smaland while hubby and I checked out some curtains at Giant (yes, it was open, so as Courts!). We bought a pair of brown/bronze full length curtains for the living room and a red half length curtain for the masters (just to test if it would match the room). After an hour, we headed back to Ikea to fetch the kids and went for lunch. Everything was doing well, until Ira had an accident and had his fingernails cut! Horrible experience. But he was brave. We put bandage on his finger to stop the bleeding and had our lunch. We told him we will go home after lunch so he can rest. But he didn't want to. He still wanted to go to the kids place at Courts. When we saw that he could go on with an injured finger we went on our way to Courts . The kids stayed in the place area while we looked for a desk fan. After an hour or so, we headed back home with a new desk fan.

Monday, was our time to visit cousins. They haven't seen each other for a long time. It was also a chance for the kids to deliver their christmas gift to their cousin (yes, almost 2 months delayed!). My cousin prepared a good snack for us. The kids played the whole afternoon. It was nice seeing them again.

Tuesday, the last day of the holidays, we just stayed at home. This was relaxation day for us. We pampered ourselves in the bathtub (since it was really hot these days). The kids loved playing in the tub. They haven't been able to use it for quite sometime. It was a refreshing way to end the holidays.

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