Thursday, February 18, 2010

A Decade Long of Marital Bliss

Has it really been 10 long years since we got married? That means we've saved so much celebrating Valentine's Days and our anniversaries at the same time!

It's nice to reminisce the days when we were merely strangers chatting and how our relationship has grown over time......

as chatmates / phone friends....
Thank goodness for MIRC, if not for its chatrooms we wouldn't have met!

First meet up - my alma mater  - UP, where you had to face my ex-roommate before we could go out.

Our first movie on our first meeting  - Air Force One!  Not the usual movie date, isn't it?

as travel buddies / good friends...
Would love to go on our Tagaytay escapades again just to enjoy the cool atmosphere, the sights, the tranquility of the place and just talking about everything and anything under the moon.

Visiting Nayong Pilipino was indeed a good chance to see most of the Philippine tourist attractions without having to fly, drive or get on a ferry. Pretty good timing, too, since after our visit they demolished the place to giveway to new airports.

as boyfriend/girlfriend...
Movies on weekends.

Biking at the park.

Lunches and dinners at our favorite dining place - Max's. Sarap to the bones!

Won't forget my first Christmas present - my HUGE huggable Piolo bear (named by my roommate). Didn't I mention that I only wanted the medium sized bear? I guess you've always given me things better than what I asked for.
every stuffed toy has its own story
Attending weekend masses.

Getting to know our families.

Family dinners and out-of-town trips.

Walking on the beach, even during a storm!

as husband and wife...

church wedding almost 2 years after civil wedding

10 long years have passed.
We've been, and will still go,  through ups and downs.  
We've celebrated 12 years, and will look forward to, more years of being together as a couple . 
We've travelled, and will travel, to wonderful places. 
We have 2 lovely, but sometimes hard-headed, boys.
We have our lifetime to continue our escapades.

Life is good. Love is great.

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