Friday, February 26, 2010

Kumon Reading

I got free Kumon English workbooks from an online acquaintance (thanks much, Pam!). Ira and I started seriously reading them only in the start of this year. At first Ira was not that much interested as there were a lot of words to read. He was more used to reading a book with a story. But as we practised almost everyday, he got used to it and now enjoys reading the book.

The book also has a cd which Ira could listen to and follow. But what I do is let him read the words if he can first. Then I help him out with difficult or unfamiliar words. He usually uses phonics to read. But I think he also uses familiarity to the words (or arrangement of letters).

We are now on our 2nd month in reading and we have covered up to CD2 Track 5 (Level 6A). 

Here are the descriptions of each track which covers sets of  words / phrases / sentences to study:
CD1 Track 1 - 3 words per set, repeated four times, consists of 3-letter words
CD1 Track 2 - same as above, 3- to 4-letter words
CD1 Track 3 - same as above, minimum 4-letter words
CD1 Track 4 - two sets of 2-word phrases, repeated four times
CD1 Track 5 - four sets of 2-word phrases, using "a" and "an", repeated twice
CD1 Track 6 - four sets of 2-word phrases, using "a" and "an", repeated twice
CD1 Track 7 - four sets of 3-word phrases, using "a", repeated twice
CD1 Track 8 - combination of previous lessons, 4 sets of phrases, repeated twice
CD1 Track 9 - 6 sets of 2- and 3-word phrases, repeated twice
CD1 Track 10 - sets of 3-word phrases

CD2 Track 1 - 4-word sentences starting with "This is"
CD2 Track 2 - 4-word sentences starting with "This is" or "These are"
CD2 Track 3 - 4 to 5-word sentences starting with "This is", "She is", "He is", "She has" and "He has".
CD2 Track 4 - 4-word sentences starting with "They are", "They have", and "The..."
CD2 Track 5 - 4-worded sentences

During lesson CD2 Track 2, Ira mentioned that they were also learning "this is" and "these are" in school. He explained that the former is used for one thing and the latter for more things. It's good to know he is paying attention in class :)

We have yet to do CD2 Track 6 to Track 10. We hope to finish it by second week of March. Then do the repetitions until April. Hopefully he can finish Level 6A in April, remembering how to read all the words correctly.

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