Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Ira's 3rd Eye Check up

We just came back from Ira's follow up check up at KKH. 

First, he was sent to Room 11 for an eye check. He was asked to look into this machine. Then he was asked to read some letters on the TV screen. After the eye check, we were asked to wait at Rm 1 to talk to Dr. Garcia. We waited for quite sometime (more than 30mins) before we were called, but to another room - Rm 9, for another eye check. He was asked to look into the same machine again. Then the doctor let him wear  the spectacles used to test the degree of the eye (i think). He was asked to see if the pictures on the wall were clear or blurry, each time changing the "lens". The assisting doctor was good with Ira. She really knows how to handle kids. After the long wait,  we were sent to Rm 1 again. I was happy to know the results were good.

He now has 6/6 vision, quite an improvement from his initial check up (6/12) and second check up (6/6.75). Dr. Garcia explained that this means he now does not have lazy eyes. It has been corrected. His brain now recognizes what is the "correct" clear vision, as opposed to the blurry vision. He can now read the very small letters, although he still falters with the letter C (as O) and Z (as S).

Unfortunately, his eye degree is still the same. The doctor elaborated that this was because his eyeballs haven't grown yet (as compared to last check up). This is the case for long-sightedness. The eyeball size is small and the shape of the eyeball is elongated. But the prognosis is good. He is still young and his eyeballs still have time to grow until he reaches 8 or 10 years old.

With continuous use of spectacles, his normal vision will remain. As he grows up, his eyeballs might still grow. Since the degree of his vision is not that high (at 300 it is still ok since it is below 500), if he can tolerate it, he might not need to wear spectacles when he reaches 10 years old.

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