Monday, July 26, 2010

2010 Racial Harmony Day Celebration at Montfort

Just got back from Montfort. I volunteered for the Racial Harmony day celebration.

There were performances by the students as well as parent volunteers (who prepared  multicultural dance numbers). I was only able to watch the performance by the parent volunteers, I had to rush to Montfort after bringing Ira to school. Good thing I got there in time. The boys cheered on their parents. 

After the short program, it was recess time. Some parents brought food to share with the boys. Then there were different games booth at the hall. I was assigned to be in charge of congcak game. 

Congcak is a mancala game played in Singapore as well as other Asian countries. It is almost the same as "sungka" in the Philippines, with a bit of deviation. Since I had a bit of an idea how it is played (Philippine style) I was quite excited to be in the game booth. We weren't really briefed on how the game is played here in Singapore so I asked one of the parents to show me their version of the game.

The boys then started arriving and can't wait to get their chance to play the game. Some of the boys knew how to play the game while others just learned about the game today. As the boys were playing, I found out that each of them had their own "interpretation" of the game. Some proceeded with the game clockwise (as per rules) while others counterclockwise. All of the boys who visited the game booth received a bookmark, a Singapore flag tattoo and some sweets. They enjoyed themselves.

I saw Kelvin during recess. He wore red pants and yellow shirt (Hundred Islands Philippines from Lolo Erlin) with red handkerchief. He wore the same clothes last year except for the white top which is now quite small. At school we found out he was wearing the same color scheme as the boy students from China who were in their school for a one-month stint. Anyway, he brought his friends to the booth but they were not able to play (there was a queue in all 3 of my congcak games!). I just gave him and his friends some bookmarks and tattoos for coming over and wanting to try the game.

It was fun to learn about other games and traditions from the different cultures - the similarities and differences. I am looking forward to racial harmony celebration next year and the succeeding years. Maybe we could make a booth for some Philippine games then.

For details of how the game is played, you can visit Have fun!

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