Friday, September 17, 2010

Kelvin Joins NJRC

Kelvin joined the Robotics CCA earlier this year. By the second term, he was chosen as a member of one of the 4 teams representing Montfort Junior School in the National Junior Robotics Competition (NJRC) 2010. 

Each team consists of 5 members - programmers, researchers, constructors, operator. He was one of the constructors (although at first we thought he was one of the programmers). They have been practicing hard and preparing well for the competition. Initially, the CCA is held once a week. With competition date approaching, the teachers/trainers added 2 more training days for the participants. That meant 3 days a week of staying back only for Robotics for Kelvin.

The competition was held during the September school holidays, and no boys were allowed to go on overseas holiday. Ira and I watched competition day at Singapore Science Centre on September 6. It was a long way from our place (we live on the northeastern part of Singapore. The venue was located on the eastern part.). It took us around an hour to get there. 

We were able to watch Kelvin's team representative with their robot - MJS Robo 4. They did a good job in Mission 1, according to their trainer. Unfortunately, Kelvin was not the one who presented their robot. He, together with the other teammates, chose their friend who was the operator. The rest of the team stayed in the quarantine room (where they are not allowed to see their trainer and other non-participants).

Here is their team video presentation:

Here are some of the pics taken during the competition day:

Kelvin's team robot - MJS Robo 4
the robot going through the first obstacle

we visited Kelvin and his teammates at the quarantine room during lunch break

At the end of competition day, their team got the highest score among the 4 teams that represented MJS. Unfortunately, they weren't able to qualify to the next round.

It was a good experience for Kelvin. And it was a good result for a first timer as well. Congrats Kelvin and teammates!

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