Monday, December 13, 2010

Ira turns 6

This November, Ira celebrated his 6th birthday in school. It was the last time that he will be celebrating with his pre-school friends as they will all be moving on to the "big school" next year.

Here are some photos of his birthday preparations and also celebration at home.

the boys helping out in packing Ira's goodie bags for his friends

the goodies for the girls

I wanted to do something nice and special for his girl classmates so I've sewn a floral handbag for them.
It's also like a going-away present for all of the girls in his class.

for the boys, I made pencil cases . 
I was happy to actually see some of his friends use the pencil cases 
the days after (during the Parent-Teacher Meeting).

goodies for the boys

stationery items for the boys

stationery items for the girls 

and the goodies!

Ira getting ready for school

"These are my giveaways"

On his birthday, in school, another classmate also celebrated a birthday. So the two of them had a joint celebration. (pics to be posted soon)

birthday gift from Lyle and Tita Mydie

Thank you!

another surprise gift from AJ and Tita Jhing

I like spiderman!

here are the goodies from my friend Enzo..

This year's birthday present was very memorable and useful. That's because he broke his glasses the night before his birthday. The following day, he attended his class without glasses (which he was quite uncomfortable with). In the evening, we went to Compass Point to buy him a new pair of glasses (just the frame).

sporting his new frames at KFC where we had birthday dinner (his request)

a late birthday cake (the day after his birthday)

quite excited to blow the candles

he LOVES chocolate cakes

can't wait to eat his cake....

nibbling on the chocolate topping

and finally, the yummy chocolate cake!

Thanks to Tita Anne (MJPC Mom's friend) for suggesting this cake flavour.

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