Tuesday, April 5, 2011

International Friendship Day 2011

In celebration of International Friendship Day, Montfort Junior School showcased booths featuring 3 countries (Australia, Japan and Philippines) with the help of the Montfort Junior Parent Volunteers (MJPV). Since I have committed to volunteering more time at Montfort this year, this was a good opportunity.

I was assigned to help in the preparations for the Philippines - slide shows, booth, performances. Together with other parent volunteers, we researched for info, practised for the performance and came very early to school Monday morning (event day) to decorate our booth. It was nice to teach some Filipino boys (who were not speaking nor reading Filipino) the songs we have learned since we were little - Leron leron sinta, bahaykubo and magtanim ay di biro. The boys tried to learn the song in a few days and we were impressed! They were able to remember the tune and lyrics, with their slang accents. I think in a way, they were learning a part of their culture. And they enjoyed the process (even though they don't really know what the lyrics meant!).

Even with little time to prepare, and some minor (or should I say major) changes in performance plans, we were able to come up with a wonderful presentation (based on teachers' and students' feedback) and well-organized booth.

Here are some pictures during the event:

the boys with Auntie Mydie and Auntie Karen performing a medley of Filipino songs

Kelvin together with his class (friends Kian Chong and Max in the pic)

me with Miguel (Amie's eldest son), a Filipino student

Auntie Karen sharing with the boys some info about the Philippines

showing the boys some of the famous Filipino products 

Auntie Connie and Auntie Mydie teaching the boys some of the Filipino games

some boys playing with the bamboo poles used in tinikling

group photo (Mydie, Connie, me, Tara, Amie) together with volunteer mom in charge of Japan (Jac)

showing the boys our famous jeepney

Mabuhay Philippines!

our booth beautifully set up by our sponsor

the boys learning how to do the kadang kadang 

in our Filipiniana costumes

Auntie Amie teaching the boys how to tell the driver to stop ("Para" in Filipino)

the volunteers for the Philippines booth (Amie behind the camera)

the volunteers with the sponsor

It was a pretty exhausting day but we enjoyed it a lot! 
Especially because this is the first time after so many years that I've worn a Filipiniana costume again :)
Thanks for lending us the clothes, Amie.

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