Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Kelvin in P4 (2010)

It has been like a roller coaster ride for Kelvin last year (P4). He was quite busy throughout the year attending to 2 CCAs, and supplementary classes twice a week. He stayed back in school for 4 days in a week. He joined the Library Club, wherein they were taught how to arrange the books in the library and assisted the librarian during recess time. He also joined the Robotics Club wherein he was chosen to be a member of one of the teams who joined the National Junior Robotics Competition (NJRC) held at Singapore Science Centre. They trained during CCA hours and were not allowed to go on overseas trip during the school holidays in preparation for the competition. Even though their teams from Montfort did not qualify for the finals, we were so proud of him and his team for bagging the top position among the participants in the school. 

In terms of academics, I was informed of the big jump from P3 to P4 so I prepared myself and Kelvin for the unexpected. He did well enough in CA1 but stumbled a little in his SA1 except for Math (surprisingly). He was within Band 2 for the 3 major subjects and a Band 3 in Chinese (understandably). We worked hard for his performance to improve in CA2, but didn't get the results we were hoping for (still a good pass though). When SA2 results were given, there was slight hope of getting better year-end results. But since the CA2 and SA2 final marks were not really released to parents, it became a guessing game as to what his final marks would be. I was expecting Band 2s in the major subjects and probably a Band 3 or 4 in Chinese. When the report book was given to us, we were so happy to see 2 subjects with Band 1, one subject with Band 2 and Chinese in Band 3. He made it after all. Work has paid off. Good job, Kelvin!

Here is the form teacher's year-end comment : Kelvin has certainly blossomed into a confident and mature pupil. He is well-liked by his classmates for his sense of humour. Kelvin takes great pride in his work and speaks fondly of his friends and family.

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