Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Time Management for Manic Mums by Allison Mitchell

I found this book - Get Control of your life in 7 weeks. Time Management for Manic Mums - from the library in Hougang (646.700852 MIT). I've always been interested in books about home organizing, personal development, and the likes, so I gave a it a shot.

I read through the first few pages and I liked the way the author (Allison Mitchel) writes. She is humorous and since she gets the examples from her own experiences or her friends' experiences, I can easily relate to them.

The book is divided into 7 chapters which represent the 7 weeks of changes that moms (and other busy people for that matter) need to do in their lives. Each chapter begins with Time Truths. I will be blogging about her book, taking the important points in every chapter (as much as I can), together with the tips, activities to do and the summary.

If I have some opinions or comments on any topic, I will probably write about it at the end of the blog per chapter, or in the comments section, so as not to confuse readers from what I have taken from the book. I will also try to update my progress as the weeks go by - if I have successfully done and applied what the book suggests.

Here are the chapters (in weeks) covered in the book.

Happy reading... and I hope everyone of us will be able to have good control (a.k.a. use) of our time by the end of 7 weeks. This book should also help us plan and visualize our dreams and goals.

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