Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Ira's Stage 3 swimming test

A year and a half in his swimming lessons, Ira finally took the first test - Stage 3. During the time that Kelvin was taking the lessons a few years ago, they didn't have this test. Kelvin went straight to Bronze level. That means one additional level for Ira.

He was a bit nervous but we said he could do it. He started to learn to swim at a very early age (around 4) as he was always tagging along during Kelvin's swimming lessons. He didn't know the proper strokes then, but now he is quite familiar with breast stroke and moving on to free style.

Ira waiting for his name to be called to take the test

with his friend, Lyle, who was also taking the test. Same age as he is but way bigger.

in anticipation of the test

Ira's swim teacher, Joyce, who was also Kelvin's teacher

stretching before jumping into the pool

he is one of the smallest in class but that doesn't deter him
from doing his best - swimming faster or diving the deepest or floating the longest

Ira's turn to do the straddle jump

demonstrating ability to correctly fit a PFD in the water

waiting for his friend to finish

his Stage 3 achievement certificate

Well done, Ira! You've passed the Stage 3 test. Now it's time to prepare for Bronze level in a few weeks time.

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