Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Bloodshot Eyes

Itchiness, swelling and redness. Seriously?!?!

And I thought that I was already spared from the pain and agony that is sore eyes not having been infected for more than 3 decades. Boy, I was so wrong. I felt like my eyes were burning. Worst feeling I've ever felt so far. I even told myself I'd prefer giving birth again, no epi (normal or CS, it doesn't matter), rather than have another sore-eye incident. And worse, my elder son got it too! After sharing my frustrations to a friend and co-parent volunteer, she told me that her half of her son's class was not in school last Friday because of sore eyes. What luck we got :(

It probably all started with Ira, who had itchy eye Saturday night. He said he thought there was something stuck in his eye and couldn't get it out ever after trying to wash it off. We warned him not to scratch his eye because he has very sensitive eyes (they would swell when he rubs them! Allergic conjunctivitis, according to the pedia several years ago). Little did we know that it was sore eyes. Well, we still aren't sure, but that's the logical explanation to it. When we attended mass the following day, his eye was already ok, no swelling, no itchiness. But mine, on the other hand, started to feel itchy and by night time they were swollen. I looked like someone who got out of a boxing match and lost :( Then we realized that Kelvin had the same symptoms and both his eyes were bloodshot by Monday morning. So there goes our Youth Day holiday. And  Kelvin will be off from school until everything is clear. A holiday he doesn't really want specially since he is supposed to attend rehearsals for their upcoming performance.

At the moment, we are surviving with an eye drop recommended by the pharmacist. If this doesn't make us well in 2-3 days, off we go to the doctor (which we were supposed to see if not for the 1-2hr wait!).

So parents, please remind your kids NOT to rub their eyes, ALWAYS wash their hands, and beware of classmates or friends who have bloody red eyes (it may just be sore eyes and contagious). And most importantly, if your kids are sick PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't send them to school. It's not only for their protection but for others as well. Be responsible.

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