Friday, October 24, 2014

Puppet Making

Two weeks ago, Ira's class was given a homework - to make a puppet of their choice. He actually forgot to tell me about it and if it weren't for another parent (co-parent volunteer), who's son is in the same class as Ira, he would have gone to school with no puppet to pass to his form teacher.

When I asked him why he forgot (or decided not to) tell me about it, he said it was because he didn't know how to make one and it must have been difficult to do so. I explained to him that he shouldn't give up that easily without even trying to find out how to make one. Since he already knew his way around Youtube, I told him to search for puppet making tutorials but he has to choose an animal first. He initially thought of doing a lion puppet but changed to a dog afterwards. 

He happily reported that he found several videos on how to make a dog puppet. I told him to choose the easiest one then I asked him to list down the materials needed so I could find out if we had those at home. Old, clean socks, check! White fabric for ears, check! Red button for nose, check! White rings for eyes, check! Glue, scissors and cardboard, check! I helped him cut and attach the cardboard to the sock with a glue. This gave shape to the dog's head. He cut the white fabric to the size of ears according to his preference. I made him wear the sock to gauge where I would attach the ears. Then he glued the red button as the nose and the pair of rings as the eyes. Voila! In less than 30 minutes we've made a dog puppet. That wasn't as difficult as he thought it was after all.

he was so proud of his dog puppet
When he came home from school the following day, he said he was playing with the puppet pretending that the puppet was the teacher and he was the student. He pretended that he dog puppet teacher was asking him questions during an oral exam. Well, isn't that a good way to practice for orals?

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