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Ira's First Holy Communion

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A First Communion

My Jesus, I believe that You are present in the Most Holy Sacrament. I love You above all things, and I desire to receive You into my soul. I believe it because you have said it and I’m ready to give my life to maintain this truth. Amen.
Ira received his First Holy Communion on 08 September 2013 at St Anne's Church. An important tradition for Catholic families like us and Ira's third sacrament to receive (after his baptism and first reconciliation).

As part of the Primary 3 catechism students' preparation for their First Holy Communion, Ira was given a project to make a poster reflecting what the First Holy Communion was for him. Parents had to attend a meeting to help prepare the students for this project and were given basic materials to use for the project. 
this was what Ira and I came up with for his project
I helped Ira by cutting out the letters and pictures he could use for the poster. He was the one who chose which symbols to incorporate in his poster.

individual photos of students from Ira's class
On the day of the communion the whole family was there to bear witness and to give support to Ira. He wore a white polo which symbolizes purity as he accepts the body of Christ. 
can you spot him in this group?
we had a feeling that he was going to be approached by the priest for an impromptu interview.
Good thing he knew the answer to the question.

receiving his First Holy Communion
It was a solemn celebration where he came out feeling proud that from then on he can take the communion with us whenever we go for mass.

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