Sunday, December 7, 2014

Gardens by the Bay Children's Playground

More than a month of school holidays sometimes makes it challenging to think of activities for kids (specially when you have a primary and a teenager to please). That's more than 30 days of daily activities or 10 if you want to do it every other day or so.  One way to keep the stress of planning at a minimum is to coordinate your schedule with mommy friends who have kids with the same age group as your kids. That makes planning more manageable for you and your kids will have a group of friends to spend the holidays with. You, mommy, will be able to sneak in some girl time, too. 

During school holidays I usually ask my friend Karen if she already has any plans for her son Albert who is a year younger than Ira. This December holidays we decided to join them in their Gardens by the Bay outing - at the Children's Playground. We went there on a weekday, December 3, to be exact. This was our first time to go to the Children's Playground. When we visited Gardens by the Bay before, the construction of the water park was not yet done.
We took the train to Bayfront Station and walked from there to the Gardens. The location of the Children's Playground was quite a bit of a walk from the station but the boys didn't really mind. We took a map from the tram station but we didn't take the tram (cost $2). We decided to walk it out - it's exercise for us moms and a way make the boys see more of the gardens on the way to the playground.

When we arrived at the water play area there were already a lot of children having fun playing in the water fountains. There was even a group of students who was probably in a learning journey (since all of them were wearing the same clothes).

Ira and Albert immediately changed into their water play suits and ran to the middle of the fountain area. They were like two balls of energy unleashed in the fountain park - running around like crazy from one side to the other. Rolling on their backs and sitting down and then running around again. My friend Karen and I and Kelvin made ourselves comfy by the bleachers, in lounge chairs, watching over them.

As the boys enjoyed the water, my friend and I had free time catching up with each other. I think this is always the good part about going out with friends and their kids - while the boys are having the time of their lives using up all the energy they have in their small bodies (does it ever wane???), the moms get to sit back and relax and chat. Kelvin, on the other hand, spent the time listening and singing to his favorite songs. Since the Children's Playground was only for ages 6 to 12, he was no longer allowed to play there. He didn't really seem to mind. For him it was still an outdoor activity and much better than just staying at home even he is doing almost the same thing.  
cheers to a morning of water fun
a few hours under the sun was their simple way of having fun
After the water park, the boys were both ready to explore the Adventure Trail that was just behind us. They showered and changed clothes, put on their shoes and off they were to the Adventure Trail. We could hear them laughing and screaming from where we were. Ira came back after a few minutes and told us he and Albert were in a maze and he got out to hide from him. Then he went back to check if Albert was indeed looking for him.
Here we were just chillaxing while the two energetic boys were playing around

Thanks to my friend Karen for letting us join her and her son in this morning adventure.

If you are looking for an early morning or late afternoon (better times to avoid the scorching hot sun) activity for your kids, the Gardens by the Bay Children's Playground is a good place to start. The children can choose to play in the water fountain or the Adventure Trail while the adults sit and chitchat. You can also opt to bring food and have a picnic. It can even be a whole day event if you want to explore the Gardens, that's if the kids are willing to leave the play area.

So where have you brought your kids to this December school holidays? I would like to know about that. Maybe I can bring my boys there, too.

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