Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Back to school in 2015

my boys are growing up so fast
It’s only the second day of the New Year and my boys were already geared up for the new school year.  Friday was the first day of school this year (yeah, I know!) and it has to be a family event. That meant daddy had to wake up early and go with the rest of us to the bus stop (special request by Ira).

Whereas others may still be enjoying their holidays elsewhere or are still taking advantage of the last few days of late morning routine, my boys and I were already up by 6am. Ira’s simple breakfast request was kaya toast with no butter. He has been eating this for breakfast almost every day since December!

Both of them will be joining new classes and possibly some new faces (teachers and classmates) this year.  Kelvin is in Secondary 3 now – officially in long pants. He has been confirmed as one of the student councilors last year and will be taking on more leadership roles this year. To start off the year, he was assigned as one of the student group leaders in the Secondary One 3-day orientation.  Ira is in Primary 5, the first in line, and has decided to join the Choir CCA in addition to continuing with his Robotics CCA. His hands will be quite full this year but he is looking forward to singing along with new friends and building Legos with friends from previous years.

Uniforms, check!
School bags, check!
Stationery, check!
Water bottles, check!
Friendly smile, check!

As I bid goodbye to on the first day of school, I wished them good luck and reminded them to have fun. That’s how they are supposed to feel going to school, in school, and coming back from school. After all, learning is easier when you’re having fun, right?

Oh, and yes, I also had to be in school early on the first day to help welcome the new P1 boys and their parents. We parent volunteers assisted in the P1 orientation and movement of parents in school. As we greeted old friends a happy new year, we also ushered in new faces, new parents and possible new friendships.

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