Thursday, April 28, 2016

2016 PSLE Instructions to Candidates is out!

Calling all P6 students and parents... the 2016 PSLE Instructions to Candidates brochure is out! For parents who will be going through the PSLE stage with their children, this brochure will answer most of your questions in terms of schedules and what to expect before, during and after PSLE.

Your P6 children should have been given this brochure sometime last week or this week. Do browse through it to be familiar with the process of going through the final stage in your children's primary school education.

I have captured what I think are the important pages to note in the brochure:

table of contents: gives an overview of what you will find in the brochure

Tentative date for PSLE results.
Important to take note of specially for those who want to travel after exams.

 PSLE Timetable

Below are the lists of approved dictionaries for Mother Tongue Languages:

Make sure your children's calculators are in the list of approved scientific calculators.
Based on experience, and suggestions by teachers and friends before, I recommend to get your children a spare calculator just in case the other one runs out of battery.

For more information, do flip through the brochure with your children. It is best that they are also aware of the whole process and not just the part where they are the ones sitting for the exams.

Good luck to our children! Go, batch 2016!

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