Thursday, November 12, 2009

My Little Ira

 taken from Friendster Blog Oct 2007
 Ira is turning 3 soon. This year, he has wowed me with a lot of new things he has learned. 
A few months ago, he was just starting to recognize the letters of the alphabet. First, i would show him the pictures. He has memorized all 26 pictures represented by each letter. When it was time to learn about the letters, it was a bit of a challenge for him. He didn't want to look and say the names of the letters. Even if i tell him what the letters were he would just ignore it. And then he would keep all the flashcards away. I thought maybe he was not really interested with them. Then, after a few repetitions, he finally got a bit of interest. He started to recognize some letters. But there were some letters that he just despised! A mother from a forum suggested that i flash the cards faster so it will catch his attention. I tried it, and it worked!!! He got more focused on the letters i was showing him. He got more excited i guess. And he was the one who wanted me to do it over and over and over again. Now, he knows almost all of the letters of the alphabet except for Q, which he says is qu (for queen), and T ( which he always says is I!). But i am happy because he only learned most of the letters in 2 wks!!!

Other things he was able to accomplish/learn this year:
- count to 15
- count objects up to 10
- colors (red, blue, yellow, orange, purple green)
- shapes (triangle, circle, square)
- his full name, birthday, age and address
- he can name almost all the objects at home
- clean up after his mess ( wipe the table if he spilled something)
- fix his toys before going out of the house and before sleeping (if he is in the mood)
- fix his shoes
- wiwi by himself in the toilet (yes, he does! he just tells me that he wants to go to the toilet and then he goes and wiwi on the floor in the toilet). He has been wearing brief only at home for a few months now. I think since when he was 2 and a half years old (May 2007).
- he can eat and drink (cup or with straw) by himself
- says "please" and "thank you"... but sometimes he still has to be reminded about it...

He is a very playful and naughty boy. He wrestles with his older brother. And he beats him up (in a playful manner)! Yep, he is very aggressive. He is also very friendly - to strangers. He can talk to anyone who he has just met - at the mall, in the clinic, in fastfood centres, anywhere! He is very much the opposite of his brother, who was very timid when he was Ira's age.

Next year, Ira might be attending school. He is quite excited about it. We are pretending to be in school sometimes - I am the teacher and he is the student. He would carry a small bag and his so-called "water bottle" which is his old feeding bottle.

I am looking forward to his new antics in 2008.

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