Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Biking brothers

The boys got their new bikes in February. Kelvin needed an upgrade since his bike was a bit smaller for him already. Ira wanted a bike so he could play with his brother and our neighnor (who also happens to have a bike).

Ira was pretty excited to get his bike. When we were at Carrefour Suntec (we went there quite early to avoid the weekend crowd)  he tried riding a small bike, just right for his size. He drove around the bike section. He didn't want to leave the place without his bike. But we still had to take our lunch and we couldn't bring the bikes along (such a hassle that would be). We explained to him that we will come back for the bikes and then pay for them and bring them home after we had lunch. But he was so worried someone else might buy the bike. So we asked if we could pay for the bike first, and then come back for it. Good thing it can be done.

After paying for the bikes, we were off to lunch. It was a short one as the boys were eager to get home and try their new bikes. We dropped by Carrefour to get the bikes, took a cab and off we go.

Upon arriving at home, the boys hurriedly removed all the cardboard and plastic covers, and drove their bikes along the corridor. Ira was speeding most of the times. This is the first time that he was playing with his brother and our neighbor on a bike. Usually he just runs or walks while Kelvin and their playmate are riding their bikes.

Over the weekend, we headed to Punggol Park for the boys to practice. It was the closest place we could go that Ira can pedal his bike without getting too tired. I asked him to wear his helmet for safety reasons. At first he was quite hesitant. But after explaining what the main purpose of the helmet was, he obliged.

positioning his bike

getting started

Kelvin and Ira went one around on the walking/biking track around the pond. Then Ira did 7 laps (small track) saying he was training. . They didn't even play for a long time in the slides! That was surprising cause we usually go there and the kids would spend the whole time in the playground.

and off he goes...

going up the slope

just finished a few rounds

trying to be adventurous

discussing where to bike next

trying out Ira's smaller bike. It works!

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