Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A trip to Marina Barrage

It's a short, one-week school holiday and we are off to a good start.

We visited Marina Barrage this Saturday. The boys were quite excited. They were looking forward to the water play area.

preparing to go to Marina Barrage

We took the MRT to Marina Bay Station and then the shuttle bus to Marina Barrage.

at the entrance...

Upon arriving at Marina Barrage we headed to the Green Roof hoping that the kids could go and play on the grass. Unfortunately, it was quite muddy. And few minutes after we got there, they warned of a lighting storm so we had to go down.
the Green Roof

still at the Green Roof, with the Marina Bay Sands construction in the backdrop

the kids were watching a centipede crawling on the floor

It was fortunate for the boys since they were able to play right away. They were already wearing their swimming trunks on the way there.

After around an hour or so, we showered the kids, dressed them up and we headed to the second floor gallery.

It was the Sustainable Singapore Gallery with exhibits of the Marina Barrage (miniature) and also sustainable projects in Singapore.

There were interactive showcases of park developments wherein the kids could choose (using touch screens) the activities, habitat, animals, etc to put in the parks. These were projected on a wall.

There were also reading materials in touch-screen media as if you were really flipping the pages of the books.

this exhibit can create e-postcards with photos of visitors taken via webcam

It was a fun learning journey for all of us. We are planning to go back soon. Next time we hope to stay until night time when we can see all the building lights across the river.

Before sundown, we were on our way to Lau Pasat for dinner. We wanted to see Wendy's and Tapa King but ended up having grilled stingray, vegies with oyster sauce, and fried seafood rice for dinner :)

More pictures of our visit to Marina Barrage.

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