Monday, June 7, 2010

PCF Sports Day 2010 - Animal Kingdom

PCF had it's sports day on Sunday, 16 May, at Tampines Stadium. Ira participated in one of the events - Animal Puzzle - and has been practicing with the team for the past month. Yes, the training was that rigorous since the principal really wanted to make sure that the centre wins something this year. The centre has been unsuccessful in the past years so this year they are all looking forward to a good result.

The kids trained during school hours and also after school twice a week, in addition to some Saturday half-day trainings. 

During the day of the event, we brought Ira to the school at 1pm. He and the rest of the students and teachers in their centre went to the stadium by school bus. We, on the other hand, made our way to the event by bus.

We arrived at the stadium around 2pm. The organizers were giving away free bottles of water. 

Some of the teams from other centres were already there. But Ira's team was nowhere to be found. Another hour passed, under scorching heat (yes, even if we were in the grand stand we can feel the heat!), and the event finally started.

the different colored teams making their way to the stadium

good thing we spotted Ira just in time as their team paraded in front of the grandstand

the scoreboard for the event

There were 10 team events.

Event 1 - Animal Race

This was taken of the last child in the last team rearranging the boxes with letters as some of his teammates had a mistake in the arrangement. The crowd was cheering him on as he was clever enough to carry the boxes with letters instead of removing the letters one by one and putting them in the proper slots.

Event 2 - Kangaroo Hop

Event 3 - Fox and Grapes Race

Event 4 - Rabbit Race

Event 5 - Elephant Walk

Event 6 - Dressing Up
Event 7 - Obstacle Race

Event 8 - Animal Puzzle
This was Ira's event. Here they were making their way to the starting point. The organizers were actually rushing since it was about to rain.

Ira's turn to get his puzzle piece.

slowing down to get his puzzle box

found it! Time to run again.

almost there...

longer strides...

already put the puzzle piece in place... 

running back to teammates for the next puzzle piece

he's flying!

waiting for the rest of the team to finish

and they're done! They won first place! Hoooray!!!!

making their way back to the assembly area....

happy to be first

got the chance to take a picture with Singapore MPs who were present in the event

and another one....

and another one!

the rain has stopped... the event was over....

As a spectator in this event, I didn't really expect to learn much. But I did as I saw how the kids had teamwork in their specific events. They were all motivated to win. They worked well with each other, helping each other to finish the race. There were really no losers. Every single one of them was a winner.

After an afternoon of fun and laughter, we headed to Tampines Mall for a celebatory dinner - at KFC!

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