Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Punggol Marina adventure

Over the weekend, we decided to bike to Punggol Marina. We haven't done so for quite sometime. I think we have explored different parts of that area. The boys have been here last week by themselves.

Since Ira cannot pedal that far yet, he took a ride with dad on his bikeseat (he should make use of it before he  outgrows it!).

the kids loved playing around, throwing rocks/pebbles on the water, making them jump on water.
Kelvin did it a few times. Ira, on the other hand, couldn't get the hang of it. His shots were always straight down, that is if it even reaches the water :)

while exploring, Ira discovered this plant (we call dart plant) which has spikes all over and sticks to clothes.
He picked them and threw them in the water, instead of throwing rocks.

The kids have been enjoying their playtime at the reservoir when something moving in the water caught our attention. At first we thought it was a comodo dragon or some sort of reptile. It was playing around in the water swimming back and forth, only its head popping out of the water.

first sight of the creature

the boys were so puzzled of the creature. It seemed it was coming out of the water and going up the rocks. 
The followed it to the edge but it swam back to the middle of the water. Then all of a sudden, the half body of the creature was visible. It was an otter (we think), or at least it looked like one. We didn't have a good camera so we weren't able to take a close shot of it. After some time, it emerged from the water, went up the rocks and crossed the street towards the other side of the reservoir!

Ira back on his bike seat. 
We've off to Compass Point to buy dinner from Yoshinoya - as requested by the kids.

It was a good weekend adventure. Exercise, bonding time, play time, and seeing the otter was quite an experience.

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