Sunday, October 31, 2010

Longkang Fishing at Bottle Tree Park

On Saturday, we brought the kids for a different experience. We let them go longkang fishing at Bottle Tree Park in Yishun. The kids were excited because they love riding the bus. But it was only Kelvin who was looking forward to this new adventure. Ira said he didn't want to go fishing and would prefer to visit Eunos bus interchange instead.

Going to the Bottle Tree Park from our place was very convenient. It's around 30minutes on bus 85, which we took in the bus stop in front of our building.

When we got to Bottle Tree Park, hubby showed the "longkang' (drain) where they were supposed to catch fishes from. It's actually a small pond - like a water play area for the children with some fishes in it. At first, Kelvin was a bit hesitant because the water was cold. After a while, even Ira was eager to go try the new experience.

We went to the counter where we paid $10 for each of them. The fee includes a small fish tank and a net (to be returned after the activity). Then they started catching fish. At first, we thought they might have a hard time catching fish as the fishes move fast in the water. But after a few tries, they were on a roll! They caught one fish after another.

Ira checking out some fishes in the water

there's a small school of fish on this side of the pond

the boys trying the other end of the pond

Ira got a fish!

Kelvin got another fish

Ira already caught more than 5 fishes!

it's fishing, Kelvin, not fencing... :)

ooops, didn't get anything there

try again..

i think I got one

taking a short break

checking the corners

waiting for the kids to bring back fish

Ira got another one

trying to catch a fish

I think we're running out of fish

or not...

one of the dead fishes in the pond

almost fell down while catching a fish

maybe if I do it slowly I'll get another one

checking out another kid's fish tank

I'm a OK

2 full fish tanks to bring home


The good thing about this place is that no matter how many kids are in the pond, they wouldn't run out of fish to catch. The caretakers often go and "replenish" the pond with fishes. There is also a proper washing area so the kids can wash themselves after fishing.

Some of the younger kids in the pond were actually not fishing but more of like "swimming with the fishes"!

It was a great experience for the kids. We will probably go back.

Here are some info about the place:

Long Kang Fishing Details
  • Cost per child is $10.00.
  • Daily from 9 am to 12 midnight
  • Every Thursday from 11am till midnight
  • Tank & Net Provided
  • Fishes Available: Red Guppy, Ribbons, Swordtail, Pacu, Goldfish, Molly


  1. Great information and photos. My family usually goes to Quian Hu Fish Farm for similar activities. But then, they only have mollies in their lokang pond.

    Maybe we would try to visit this place soon. Very interesting!


  2. Thanks, RG. Maybe next time we will try Quian Hu Fish Farm.

    Btw, they also have prawn fishing at Bottle Tree Park. Next time we go there we will try it.


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