Saturday, January 14, 2012

Golden 7th Birthday Treat

Although Ira celebrated his birthday last year, he still had a post-birthday treat, care of OCBC Mighty Savers.

We received a birthday greeting card days before his birthday (November 12) together with some discount coupons and also a voucher for the Mighty Savers Gold Badge.  He was pretty excited to have this special badge since we've seen it at the Compasspoint branch. I told him he needed to save enough money so he can get this special birthday badge. But since we had a very hectic schedule towards the end of the year, I told him we will avail of this deal when we come back from our holiday. The voucher was valid 2 months from his birthday month. That means he still had until the 12th of January to make his deposit.

Come January, he reminded me of his birthday badge. He said the reason why he was doing a lot of work (worksheets for Math and English) and keeping some of his allowance money was so he could earn more money and save up for his Golden Badge. But he was a bit worried because he thought he needed to save $1 million for it! I told him it was not that big amount. Since we have saved some amount for him, and he also had some savings in his coin bank, I told him we could go to OCBC before the voucher expires.

When we arrived at the bank branch, I double checked with the customer service officer if our voucher was still valid. At first, she said it was no longer valid as December was the 2nd month from date of voucher (November = 1month, December = 2 months). But I mentioned that my son's birthday was in November 12, so technically December 12 is 1 month, January is 2 months. She brought the issue to her superior. While waiting for her to come back, Ira looked worried. He really wanted to get the badge and, based on what the CSO just mentioned, he might not be able to get it. 

After a few minutes, the CSO brought back good news. Yes, our voucher was still valid. So we queued up to make the deposit over the counter. One was for the completion of his sticker card ($20) and another was for the gold birthday badge.

the OCBC Mighty Savers Gold Birthday Badge

the smile on his face.... priceless!
He couldn't wait to show it to Kuya and Daddy.

reward for completing his sticker card = card holder
He was very excited to use this on the way back home. 
He transferred his ezlink card to his new OCBC MS card holder.

a bronze badge - with a star that lights up
another reward, for completing his 3rd sticker card

On that day, even though it was not his birthday, he was a very happy boy. 


  1. Hi, dropped by your blog. I'm looking for fellow Pinoy bloggers in the "parenting" topic. Happy to find yours :)

  2. Hi Pinoy Leonardo, thanks for dropping by. Yes, I am trying to share as much as I can, and hope to hear from fellow parents about their parenting experiences as well, through their comments in my blog. Sorry it's only now that I got to check my blog again. Been quite busy. I'm reading your blog now. Interesting.


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