Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Challenging 2012

I am looking forward to a very challenging year ahead. Although every year IS a challenge, I find this year is going to be the most challenging one yet.

For one thing, our first-born, Kelvin, will be facing the first of many national ranking exams in his academic life - PSLE. I have been dreading this year since he was in P1. But before 2011 ended, after having conversations with his teachers, I convinced myself that I shouldn't let this stress me (and him) out. Academics is just one aspect of his personality as a whole. We shouldn't focus on academic achievements alone. While attending the P6 Parent Interaction Session last night, his form teacher mentioned something that really touched me. She said we have to encourage the "heart" of the boys. Emphasize on the values, not solely focusing on academic excellence. We wouldn't want to have a scholar without a heart, would we? 

The other thing, Ira is now in P2 and by the end of the year he, along with the other P2 students, will be allocated into classes according to their academic performance. He still doesn't have long tests in the first few terms, but will have big exams towards the end of the year.

Aside from academic challenges, there is also the fact that Kelvin will be undergoing physical and emotional changes due to puberty. A stage most, if not all, parents are dreading (or some are probably excited about it). Well, he has his father to talk to when he has any questions. But I still feel I need to be ready for boy talk with him. I plan to attend sexuality talks in school to be more equipped to handle certain questions and explain certain things to him. I'm hoping the talks will help and guide me along the way.

First quarter is almost over. We are now in the second term. So far they are both doing ok. There is always room for improvement - for them, and for me :)

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