Wednesday, May 16, 2012

You: Stress Less... Stress-management technique 5


  • when it comes to reducing the effects of stress and depression, the biggest cure may not in in a pill bottle, but in making sure you don't stay bottled up yourself
  • talks therapy probably works through the release of feel-good chemicals, including the bonding hormone oxytocin
  • even just talking about your problems with your spouse, friends, or a taxi driver can help
  • since women tend to speak much more than men, they may get a much larger brain chemical boost from hashing things out
  • a way of making your feel better
  • improves the ability to cope with depression, improve mood and decrease stress
  • how do you do it?
    • go to a quiet place
    • start by relaxing and breathing deeply (your belly button should move out when you breathe in, and go toward your spine when you exhale)
    • then visualize yourself in different scenarios
  • if you're in pain, visualize the spot of pain. Follow the nerve from that spot to the center of your mind. Ask your body if you can take control of that pain, and visualize the way that would happen.
  • there are some chemical and biological foundations for the feeling of soul-level satisfaction that comes with finding your own "it"
    • one theory = oxytocin, a hormone that elevated in women after childbirth, also makes you feel a sense of community and pleasure within your family, during religious experience, or when you have an epiphany about your existence
      • when levels of oxytocin increase, you feel calm
    • another hypothesis = your sense of self-esteem and well-being is influenced by the chemical nitric oxide
      • traits such as hopefulness and optimism are associated with the release of nitric oxide through the body
      • the release of nitric oxide help reduce feelings of anxiety and stress
  • really take some time to think about what drives you and what your passions are. It's your deeper drive - the drive to fill the needs of your soul. The more you can align your daily activities with them, the calmer and more satisfied you'll feel.

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