Thursday, August 23, 2012

BER months

In a few more days we will be into the BER months. There are so many celebrations to look forward to.

For the family that means the Christmas season.

For Ira that means a few more weeks to his birthday = gifts galore. Followed by Christmas time = gifts galore!

For Kelvin, it's a month long holiday = no homework, no exams. Maybe time with some cousins and friends. Totally relaxed season.

The boys also anticipate the beginning of December when I start giving out daily mini Christmas treats (gift-wrapped and all). Yes, that means I have to start shopping for small trinkets for them.

As for myself, that means lots of planning and preparations. From gift shopping to house decorating to Christmas dinner menu and maybe a small get-together with family and friends.

And what's in it for hubby? Aside from the usual expenses, I think he is also looking forward to more time with the family since he can take advantage of the leaves he's been saving the whole year.

But before we get to December and really get busy with things and tons of celebrations (anniversaries, parties, etc), I get to celebrate my birthday!

Oh, how I love BER months!

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