Monday, August 13, 2012

Counting down to PSLE 2012

The most-awaited exam for P6 students and parents is just around the corner. The chills, the thrills, all the preparations, tuition hours and hard work of students, teachers and parents will finally be put to the test.

As per, here are the important dates for PSLE so mark your calendars:

Your children's respective schools should have handed you the schedules for their orals this coming Thursday and Friday (reminder: P1-P5 students don't have class). Do take note of their PSLE reference numbers as well as their exam sessions and timings. These are very important details to help prepare our children for the coming PSLE.

The school should also have provided parents with a PSLE instruction handbook (got one from my son's school last week). It contains ALL the Dos and Donts for the PSLE. I think this is a very handy material that parents and children should go over with before the PSLE. Reviewing / revising for the exams is crucial, but information like those in the handbook will also help prepare the students in terms of materials to use etc.

I will be posting some of the info in the handbook once we get it back from the teacher (parents need to sign the front page of the book, to be double checked by the teachers, and returned to parents afterwards).

GOODLUCK, Dragon students! 

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