Monday, August 27, 2012

If the shoe fits

One of the things that always stresses me out is (believe it or not) shoe shopping.

I do love to shop around for good, comfy and cheap footwear. But most of the times I get flat shoes if not sandals or flipflops (and the likes). So when it comes to buying casual to formal footwear I'm always in a rut.

Recently I needed to get a black heeled shoes (I've been wanting to get one again just in case I go back to work). Went to shoe shops alone, then with a friend, then again for the 3rd time with the same friend (thanks, Mydie for the patience).

Found a nice design with straps (Kiyo) but the price wasn't right for me. So had to look at other options. I ended up opting for the more classic design (no straps) and finally found one at Bata (but I'm not crossing out that Kiyo pair from my list).

Three days after buying them, I realized they didn't really fit my feet well (I always forget that when shopping for shoes I should go in the afternoon when my feet are at their full-blown size).

I called the Bata shop where I bought the shoes from and asked if I could exchange them. Luckily they allowed it (since I haven't really used the pair yet). Not only that. I was also given the option to exchange them in the closest Bata shop to my place!

I was relieved to find the perfect pair for my imperfect feet. Thanks, Bata! You're really a reliable brand (so far).

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