Thursday, August 16, 2012

PSLE 2012 Oral exams

It's official. PSLE starts TODAY!

After 6 years of anticipation and preparation, the students are finally facing the greatest challenge of their school life to-date.

PSLE is the most-awaited (and for some - dreaded) exam for primary school students. This is what they, and their parents and teachers, have been preparing for since P1.

And it's not just students who we should be sending our well-wishes to (and offer our prayers for) but also the parents, who are usually the more nervous and anxious ones.

To parents like myself, let's give the children our love and support and motivation. We've all done our part in guiding and preparing them up to this day. Now it's all out of our hands. Let us be confident that our children have gained enough knowledge and have prepared themselves well for the PSLE. And that they will be doing their best to perform well.

Good luck to the Golden Dragon cohort!

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