Friday, November 16, 2012

Kelvin's Rite of Passage

After months of researching for clinics and comparing prices, we have finally gone through the process and it's done! 

Less than a month ago, we visited Hamid Family Clinic in Pasir Ris to go for preliminary doctor's visit before the procedure (circumcision). We had to wait for a while for the doctor to arrive but it was all worth the wait because the doctor (Dr Hamid) was very friendly and professional. He was able to address all our questions and my son felt at ease with his instructions on how to prepare for the "big day". Dr Hamid did a preliminary check and interview with Kelvin and advised him accordingly.

Two days ago, we went back to Dr Hamid's clinic for the actual procedure. We were all ready - baggy shorts and deposit slip in tow. Kelvin was a little bit nervous while waiting (went to the washroom several times and said he seemed to have stomach pains). When he was called in to the operating room, we asked if we could go in with him. The nurse said it was ok and we ALL went in (me, daddy and Ira).

Kelvin was prepped for the procedure while Ira was busy playing with the phone (which was a good thing since he was the one who was more nervous than Kelvin). We let him sit in the office, take some sweets and play games. Mark and I stood by the door as we watched the doctor and nurses/assistants begin the procedure. Kelvin was becoming more nervous but he carried himself pretty well. He held his hands to his chest. I was there watching him put up a brave front. I knew he would be ok but mother's instinct pushed me to go to him, to hold his hand and show my support - to let him know that mom's here and that everything will be ok.

I witnessed the whole procedure from administering the local anesthesia to the pulling and cutting and stitching (yes, Kelvin had undergone the normal procedure, not laser). It was indeed a gruesome site and I'm glad I was there to tell Kelvin to just look at the ceiling lights. The doctor made sure the he didn't see anything that was happening (because this would make him REALLY scared for sure!) and said reassuring words to him. When the anesthetic has taken effect the procedure went well - Kelvin didn't feel any pain at all (that he couldn't handle). From time to time he would squeeze my hand as he felt some tingling sensation but not pain. After a few minutes, the procedure was over. He was relieved and couldn't believe it was that fast to do it. But his hands and mine were a bit numb from the squeezing.

He got down from the operating table, stood up, fixed his own clothes and was smiling around as if nothing happened! Right there and then I knew everything went well. As I was talking to the doctor on how to take care of the wound and stitches I felt weak in the knees, like my whole body was burning. It's as if something came over me and I felt like vomiting. I think it was then that everything sank in - witnessing the surgery, with blood and all. I've undergone a CS and normal delivery but didn't really see the gory stuff so I guess I was "emotionless" then. I'm just thankful I didn't faint in the middle of the procedure!

After hearing so many scary stories about circumcision, I'm glad we are done with it (one more to go). Preliminary doctor's fee was $37 (inclusive of $20 deposit) and actual day's fee $210 (inclusive of medication). Not bad as compared to other clinics which charge a hefty $900 and above.

It's only Kelvin's second day and he is doing pretty good (aside from the pain he felt a few hours after the procedure). He can walk properly. He can definitely eat well. And he can make jokes. The important thing, I guess, was that he wasn't traumatized by the experience. And he was eager to call his friend to share his experience.

This was Kelvin, before and after the procedure. 

See the smile on his face? Priceless :)

Thanks, Dr Hamid!

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