Saturday, February 9, 2013

Lemonade for vitamin C

Yesterday Ira went with me to the grocery to do our last minute shopping before Fairprice closes for the Chinese New Year. He said we should buy lemons so we can make lemonade. Sounds good coming from someone who doesn't really drink juices. We bought 5 lemons and I promised to help him make one.

This morning, I searched online on how to make yummy lemonades while Ira was cleaning his school shoes. Followed the instructions and made ourselves our very first lemonade. One cup of lemon juice, one cup of sugar dissolved in one cup of water, and additional 3-4 cups of water to mix. Voila! Lemonade a la Ira.

Ira was pretty excited about it and said he'd take a sip first cause it may taste sour (of course it did!). He asked for more sugar but was still not happy with the south taste. Daddy suggested to mix honey instead of sugar so in went honey. He was stuck with his glass for the rest of lunch.

While watching TV he shared a story about the sailors who died of scurvy because they lack vitamin C. He said if only they had lemonade then they wouldn't have died. I asked if the teacher told them about this story and he said no. He read it from the Young Scientists magazine in their classroom.

I suggested he finish his lemonade since he knew that it has lots of vitamin C so he wouldn't have to worry about having scurvy. His instant reply was, "I'm not going to have scurvy. I'm not a sailor!"

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