Tuesday, April 23, 2013

First Teenager in the House

Yesterday, we celebrated Kelvin's 13th birthday. Yes, we had just welcomed the first teenager in our home. It's going to be another challenging stage that we as a family will have to prepare ourselves for.

I'm glad though that at 13 Kelvin is showing that he is responsible in his studies and is trying to be a good role model to little brother. He started some sort of independence since P5 when he went for his CCA selection on his own and opted for the ones he was very much interested in. Now in Sec 1, he has chosen to be in the MSS Chorale. Friendship influence aside, I know that he really is passionate about singing and this CCA. He is always looking forward to their rehearsals, specially in preparation for the recently concluded SYF at SOTA. He would ask me to wake him up at 630am on a Saturday (mind you, he usually wakes up around 11 on a weekend!) so that he could have breakfast early and be in school before 830am. This was in addition to the Tuesdays and Thursdays that he had to stay back for the usual CCA hours. He was very excited to let me know, after the SYF, that they bagged the Distinction Award - the first time, according to their conductor, that they received the award (previous accolades were Bronze and Silver). Kudos to you and your singing career (?)!

In celebration of his 13th birthday, we asked him where he would want to have dinner. He initially wanted to go for a buffet dinner, but upon searching for establishments on the internet (which he did on his own, with his little brother commenting on the side) he found out some of the nearby places didn't have good reviews. He settled with Jack's Place at Compasspoint. So after doing all their school work and discussing what to do before dinner, we hopped on a bus and headed for the mall.

The boys went to Kiddy Palace as Ira said he wanted to buy something for Kuya (older brother).  Kelvin said he wanted to buy a hotwheels car to add to his collection. Great choice since Ira has very limited budget. They didn't see anything interesting though, so we had dinner first.

Calamari rings for starter. Ira's choice as he wanted to try it.

fierce look by Ira, and his official pose, while finishing up all the garlic bread

Dinner is served. That's US Striploin Steak (Kelvin's choice).

Mommy's choice is NZ Ribeye Steak. 
We also ordered Fried Rice, in case Ira didn't like the Calamari,
which was a good move as Ira didn't like the Calamari!

father and son, buddies in biking

daddy trying on Kelvin's glasses. What say you???

After a very filling dinner, we stopped by Metro so Kelvin can look for his present.

which one is the best one?

hurry up, Kuya!

Kelvin showing his choices to Ira. The little brother, on the other hand, 
was also browsing some cars for himself. We were able to talk him out of
buying one as this day is supposed to be Kuya's special day, 
the main reason why he is getting a present.

Ira handing over his hard-earned money to the cashier.
Yes, he was paying for his brother's gift using his personal savings.
What a very thoughtful, sweet and loving boy he is.

Kelvin went home happy that he has added another car to his collection. He immediately opened it at home and put it in his collection box. The two boys then showed each other their collections. Some of the things the two of them share and enjoy together.

During bedtime, I asked him to pray so that God will shower him with blessings and guide him in his life. He said he was happy. I'm glad that with this simple celebration, he found happiness and contentment. 

Happy Birthday, Kelvin!!! You may no longer be a little boy, but in Mommy's eyes you will always be one. We love you and hope that you reach your dreams and go with your passions in life.

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