Wednesday, October 15, 2014

A simple act of kindness

For several years now my sons have been taking bus 88 to school. I usually bring them to the bus stop and send them off with hugs and kisses. 

Most of the times we are early at the bus stop, but there are times when the bus timing app messes up and we get there just in time or when the bus is just about to close its doors. One of those days Ira and I saw the bus coming as we were walking to the bus stop. We knew we wouldn't make it to the bus if we didn't run so I asked Ira to go ahead while I run behind him, carrying his heavy bag. Almost all of the ones waiting for the bus have already boarded except for this middle aged man who seemed to have been waiting for us to reach the bus. He gestured to the driver to wait as he saw Ira running. He even let Ira get into the bus before getting on board himself. Panting, I passed Ira his bag and thanked the man for waiting for us. He answered with a nod and silent smile.

Oftentimes, I see the same man at the bus stop when I send my kids off to school. He always does the same thing - he waits just by the bus doors when he sees someone running to catch the bus. He does this I think because some drivers wouldn't care to wait even if they see students carrying heavy bags trying to catch a ride. 

I salute this uncle for the kindness he shows everyday. I know every morning everyone is rushing but this man takes his time and makes sure he is able to help in this small but very much appreciated way that he can. Thank you, uncle!   

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