Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Partying at 37

A birthday is a time for fun and celebrations. I don't usually have a big one but a simple lunch or dinner with the family and dinner out with close friends will do. This year though, when I was swamped with several school events, had children's parties to attend to, and free schedules not in sync with those of my friends, I thought I'd be turning 37 at a low. Boy, how wrong was I....

After successive school events, fellow parent volunteers (PVs) decided on a night out to give ourselves the much needed break. Choices came down to Thai dinner and chillaxing at Harry's after. Although I (and Claire and Sin Ting and Janet) didn't make it to dinner with the others, we were the first ones to arrive at Harry's and waited for the others to come. We ordered some drinks and light snacks. I had Sunset Paradise and, of course, a yummy chocolate dessert. I was ready for the big night out.

The party started when the rest of the gang arrived. We sang, we danced, we all had fun. Of course, there was Cynthia, the life of the party anywhere she goes. When we were in the middle of losing ourselves into the music and dancing (and drinking, for some) she called for one of the servers and informed him that someone in our group was celebrating her birthday and she was going to come up to the stage and sing with the band. I knew I was going to be in trouble. Few minutes passed and there he was back at our table to usher me to the stage and the crowd (mostly people I don't know) was cheering and saying their birthday greetings as I passed them by. I didn't know if I was going to be embarrassed or ecstatic. I think both. When I got to the stage, another lady was brought in. She was one of the staff of Harry's and she was also celebrating her birthday. The band and the crowd sang us a birthday song, and at the end of the singing and cheering we blew the candles on the cake at the same time. Thank God that was all of it and we weren't asked to sing as what I thought they would make me do. No, not that night.

As I was making my way back to our table, adrenaline was running through my body like crazy I didn't know if I was going to smile, laugh or cry. My co-PVs gave me hugs and birthday wishes. I think I was in shock from the time I left our table to the time I got back. But it was a good kind of shock. I haven't been to a bar with live music for the longest time and I really had so much fun. 

We sang our hearts out and danced through the night. This was definitely one memorable birthday partay. Thanks, MJPC friends, for making my 37th birthday celebration a blast! And thanks to Jac, who was the one to foot the bill at the end of the night (or should I say morning?).

The night at Harry's was followed by a lunch out a few days after with fellow MJPC volunteers from my home country. It was a more subtle celebration with a simple lunch and chat session just before we fetch our boys after dismissal. 

I feel blessed and grateful for the friendships I've made at MJPC through the years. These parents (both moms and dads) have been my source of inspiration in mothering, parenting, volunteering, and even my daily dose of laughter. They are a crazy bunch of partay animals who care - for their boys, for the school, for their friends, for others. 

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