Friday, March 25, 2016

PSLE 2016 Timetable is out!


And so the countdown begins. My youngest son's turn to take the PSLE is just a few months away. I know many of the parents whose children are also taking the PSLE this year are stressing over whether their children have done enough or are doing enough to prepare for the much awaited (dreaded) national exam in primary school. There are some parents. on the other hand, who are taking things more lightly and giving their children are more balanced approach - with tuition classes in certain days and music/art/physical activities in other days to get their minds off the routine. We each have our own ways of dealing with it.

I guess I have to say I have learned from our experience when my elder one took his PSLE. I was more stressed and anxious then, pushing him to study, study, study. Finding out closer to the PSLE days that stress and worries were really not necessary. So this year, I'm taking it one notch down. I am still making Ira study as regularly as he can. I made a calendar of activities for him to do (sample exams) and make him correct his own papers. Then we discuss any corrections. The rest will be up to him and to HIM. I make sure that he prays at night to ask for guidance in his studies.

When we received the official PSLE timetable from school it meant crunch time. The dates and timings are there. This is happening. All we can do is prepare and hope for the best.

For those who have not received their timetables from school yet, here is a copy for your reference:

Good luck to our children who are taking PSLE this year. May they bear in mind (and us parents take note) that exams and grades are just temporary but education is permanent. What is more important is they enjoy their final year in primary school and make lots of happy memories with their teachers and friends that they can carry with them. PSLE is not the end but the beginning of the next stage in their education. As parents, let us be there to support them, guide them, nurture them so that they will be motivated to LEARN (not just to study) and to do their BEST. Let us work together with their teachers to GUIDE them in their education (not put pressure on them).

All the best!

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