Thursday, November 12, 2009

Kelvin's Choice

December 2007

We went to Vivo City because Kelvin was going to watch a movie - Golden Compass - with my SIL and her hubby. While they were in the movie house, me, Mark and Ira were at the Sky Park.

After the movie, Kelvin joined Ira at the wading pool for a few minutes. Rain and shine they were they playing in the water.

When the kids were tired and a bit cold, and volunteered to leave the wading pool, we headed inside the mall to look for a place to eat dinner. We chose Thai Express. Kelvin was checking out the menu - that is what he usually does now everytime we go out to eat. He will look for food that is good to his eyes and sounds delicious. He chose this food - Stick noodles with beef broth.We were asking him if he is sure he wants that because he hasn’t tried it yet before. He said yes, but he was quite worried he would not be able to finish it. We were concerned that the food might be HOT (spicy) cause after all it was a thai resto. All of our orders were chilli hot!!! Mine was seafood fried rice that is sooooooo unbelievably spicy (but definitely yummy)… my hubby’s soup was also spicy… then came Kelvin’s choice - it was not spicy. The beef was good enough for him. The noodles were aldente (for a noodle soup). He loved it! He finished 3 small bowls!

Now we know that he can choose his own sumptuous food!

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