Thursday, November 12, 2009

Weekend is swimming day

from Multiply / Oct 2008

Kelvin started taking swimming lessons in June (at Hougang Swimming Complex), during the school holidays. It was supposed to be a 10-day school holiday program but we he was only able to attend 4 sessions. We had a rush-rush Philippines vacation (yes, it was really rush-rush since Mark booked the tickets only one week before departure!!). In those 4 days of swimming lessons, he learned the breathing technique and simple “floating” kind of style.

When we got back from vacation he continued his lessons. We scheduled the lessons to be taken every saturday afternoon. It became a weekend activity for the whole family. Kelvin was learning fast. He was getting the hang of it i guess. After a few months, he was promoted to bronze level (i really have no idea what this means). We really didn’t know it was a promotion. But we noticed on day that he was moved to a different class and instructor. When i asked the instructor why he is now on a different class, he said it is because he was promoted - meaning he is quite good and a fast-learner. He would now have to wear pajamas during the lessons. And he can swim 2 laps - using breast stroke (i think!). It looks so easy watching him do his strokes underwater. He is even better than me now!

While Kelvin is attending lessons, Ira would be playing in the kiddy pool.. Ira really enjoys the water Playing around, approaching other kids to play with, pretending he can swim. After sometime, we decided to bring him to the deep pool (since we really cannot swim “properly” in the kiddy pool). He was hesitant at first. But he had this new stunt (jumping to the pool while daddy/mommy catches him) that he enjoyed soooooo much! He never gets tired of jumping to the pool. Initially, he would just jump and we would catch him. After a while, we taught him how to move his legs and kick his feet so he can swim a bit. He can now jump from the pool or from mommy to daddy and swim a few feet!

I guess i have to start practicing harder.

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