Thursday, January 14, 2010

Giving Birth in Singapore

I got pregnant (2nd child) around February 2004, while I was starting work as a travel advisor. I was referred by my cousin to her ob-gyne:

Clinic for Women #04-08
Mt. Elizabeth Hospital
Telephone #: 6734-6673

Initial consultation fee:
Succeeding consultation fees: $50
Scanning: $45
Laboratory fee: rangin from $10-$80 (blood tests, etc)
CTG: $40
Down payment for delivery package: $480 (amount to be deducted from total hospital bill)

Although I have regular check ups at her clinic, I chose to deliver at Mt. Alvernia Hospital.

820 Thomson Road
(opposite MacRitchie Reservoir),
Singapore 574623

Tel: 6347 6688
Fax: 6255 6303

The hospital tour was informative and we were comfortable delivering there. It has a chapel, which was good cause we were able to have our baby blessed before leaving the hospital.

I gave birth on the 12th of November 2004 . Normal, assisted delivery (with the help of forceps/vacuum).

Delivery Cost (with antenatal package) = $2,500-$2,800
  • 2 days stay in a 2 bedded room (Class B)
  • total hospital charges around $1400
  • total Ob-gyne charges $1,200
  • total pedia (Dr. NG PAU LING SIMON) charges $150
  • down payment/deposit paid for ante-natal package = $450
  • our medisave accounts were still empty when I delivered so there were no further deductions

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