Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Kelvin's Bronze Level Swimming Test

Kelvin started swimming lessons in June 2007 - during the school holidays. We used to bring him to Hougang Swimming Complex then. He had a good start. He progressed quite fast.

When the Sengkang Swimming Complex opened in 2008, we requested for him to take his lessons there as his instructors also held classes there.

Sengkang Swimming Complex is bigger than Hougang Swimming Complex. It has 3 sets of water slides, one covered pool (around 4 ft deep), a jacuzzi area, learning pool (around 2-3ft deep) near the waterslides, a kiddie pool (1ft deep) with playground and mushroom fountain, and a lap / training pool (4-8ft deep).

After 2 years, he was ready to take the Bronze Level Swimming Test. We signed the application form, paid $8 for the test and he was scheduled for 2 June 2009 from 9-10am at the Sengkang Swimming Complex.

During the test, he was asked to wear pyjamas.

Criteria for judging:
1. Straddle or tuck jump entry from the side of the pool and swim 50m.
2. Demonstrate ability to "drown-proof" for 1 minute.
3. Tread water for 3 minutes.
4. Undress in water and demonstrate ability to make float from attire.
5. Swim 400m using any stroke.
6. One surface dive must be executed and swim submerged for at least 5m.
7. Climb out from the deep end of the pool without the use of steps or assistance.

The successful candidate will receive a collar pin, a woven badge and a certificate.

waiting for the test master

Test master briefing those who were taking the test.
He looked strict but was actually quite hilarious.
I think it was a good thing to calm the nerves of the kids.

getting ready

drown-proof for 1minute and then treading for 3 minutes

making a flotation device out of his pyjamas

400m swim

few final laps...
last few strokes....
final stroke....
and the end!

Kelvin has done it!
He passed. He was very happy and relieved.
After all it was 1 whole hour of gruelling swimming test.

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