Sunday, February 28, 2010

Coaching to Genting in 2003

Few times in a year, vacation packages to Genting Highlands go on sale. Since we haven't been to Genting before, and it was REALLY a cheap package for the family, we grabbed the chance to go on a 2day-1night trip when we saw the sale.

We booked with Five Stars together with my sis-in-law.

On the departure day, we took the cab to Golden Mile Complex where most of the buses going to Malaysia depart from. It was very early in the morning (which is usually the case for most of the departures).

We had 2 stops on the way to Genting. First one was at Yong Ping (where we grabbed some snacks) and another one at Kuala Lumpur (really just passed by). 

We arrived at Genting in the afternoon, with a long queue for hotel check in (at First World Hotel). We had no choice but to explore the arcades and entertainment centers first, then come back when most of the people have already checked in. We left our luggage in the locker area.

There were indoor rides, a themepark, casino (of course), and other fun activities to do. We walked around to check which activities and rides we could be interested in.

We tried our hands at archery. At first, we thought it was easy since the target was huge and it was close enough for us to hit. Unfortunately, we were wrong. I didn't imagine it was that hard to pull bow and make the arrow fly and hit the target! Our shoulders were aching by the time we were finished.

The next morning, we were up quite early, had our buffet breakfast and walked to the cable car station for our trip down the mountains which ends at the bus terminal. There we took the coach back home to Singapore.

It was really a short break. But we still had fun.

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