Sunday, February 28, 2010

Weekend Getaway at Downtown East in 2006

We chanced upon a promotion for Costa Sands Resort. We felt we needed time off and this deal was too good to let go. And the place was Downtown East - there's a water park, a themepark and a lot of eating places. We really had a family weekend fun.

We got tickets for Escape Themepark. Kelvin enjoyed the race car ride (even though he couldn't drive by himself yet). Ira was still a bit too young to join in the fun rides except for the balloon ride (that looks like a small ferris wheel) and the train ride. Kelvin and dad also went into this bump boat ride. I think the dad enjoyed it the most.

There were also some arcade games that were interesting like the horse race, coin toss, hoop toss, etc. We even won a stuffed whale!

Kelvin also played at the Explorer kids ball pool. Ira was still too small to join in. But he was quite satisfied just walking around, watching Kelvin from the outside and riding Sesame Street cars. They even posed with Sesame Street character boards.

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