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Philatelic Museum Field Trip

2 February 2010

K2 students at Ira's school went on a field trip to the Philatelic Museum. I volunteered to tag along so I can assist their group (esp the teachers) during the trip. There were 3 sections from K2 around 30 plus students.

Ira in the classroom waiting for other classmates to arrive

on their way to the school bus

The kids were pretty excited about going to the museum, but I think most of them enjoyed the trip itself (riding the bus, sight-seeing along the way). They were all busy talking, pointing to sign posts, airplanes in the sky, tall buildings (mind you, they all say they know what those tall buildings are called - skyscrapers) and singing (it was like on a karaoke bus!).

Few more minutes and we were already at the museum entrance. It was time for the kids to mellow down (it was a bit difficult with all the energy they have). Two by two, holding their partners, we entered the museum. Each group took turns to see some parts of the museum were there were exhibits of stamps and historic artifacts related to postal history of Singapore.

one class was waiting for their turn to explore the museum

there are a lot of activities to keep the kids busy and interested

It was an interesting trip. I expected to see a whole lot of collection of stamps from different places. But it was not only that. There were exhibits of everything related to postal service in Singapore. There were post boxes,delivery motorcycle, postal sorting shelf, etc etc. There was even an educational presentation by a postman. He was really good at entertaining the kids at the same time giving them valuable information about what a postman does and the history of stamps. He showed the group how a postman collects mail, sorts mail and delivers mail to the addressee. The kids learned that all mails have to be stamped by the post office or the postman before they are delivered. Some of the kids were called to try stamping some letters, Ira included. 

the "postman" (which I think is the museum curator) talking to the kids about Singapore Postal Services

showing the kids how the postman delivers letters through the mailbox

the first stamp. The black penny. Queen Victoria's picture.
This exhibit actually was an interactive exhibit.

the postman showing the kids how the mails are stamped before delivery

Ira had his turn in the stamping table

Their teacher riding the postman service bike

I think the kids really had a good time at the museum. The loved the postman. They enjoyed sorting mails, posting  mails, stamping mails and even riding the delivery motorcycle.

It was a nice field trip - even for adults like us (volunteer parents and their teachers).

When I asked Ira about the field trip he said he liked the postman. But he loved the bus trip even more. :)

For more details about the Philatelic Museum visit www.spm.org.sg

Singapore Philatelic Museum
23 B Coleman Street
Singapore 179807
Republic of Singapore
Tel: (65) 6337 3888
Fax: (65) 6337 8958
E-mail: nhb_spm_adm@nhb.gov.sg

The Singapore Philatelic Museum is located at the junction of Coleman Street and Armenian Street. It is easily accessible by public transport.

A 10-minute walk from City Hall or Clarke Quay stations.

* Public Bus
The nearest bus-stop is outside the Armenian Church at Hill Street.
SBS Transit : 2, 12, 32, 33, 51, 62, 63, 80, 197
SMRT         : 61


Monday : 1 pm - 7 pm
Tuesday to Sunday : 9 am - 7 pm


$5.00 for Adult
$4.00 for Child (3-12 years)

Admission is free for Friends of Stamps members. Members must show their membership card.

Open House Days

Admission is free on New Year's Day, 2nd day of Chinese New Year, Hari Raya Puasa, Deepavali, Christmas Day, National Day, and International Museum Day.


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