Monday, June 7, 2010

Kelvin joined the Cold Storage Kids Fun Run 2010

When Kelvin asked us if he could join the Cold Storage Kids Fun Run 2010, were a bit hesitant since there was a registration fee of $28. I asked him to justify his intentions of joining the race. He said he wanted to experience taking part in a race with other kids. It seemed to be a good enough reason. But the deal was that we would only shoulder half of the cost. That meant he would pay for $14.

We got the race kit from Singapore Expo at the Race Expo on May 8. Participants were given a green bag with their race shirt, race bib, sticker for parents, instructions and lots of goodies from Cold Storage and sponsors.

On May 23, Sunday, we woke up early as Kelvin needed to be in the race grounds by 820am. We decided we would take the Circle Line as it would bring us closest to the venue which was at the F1 Pit. Unfortunately, there were some glitches in the Circle Line service. We needed to transfer to another train at Paya Lebar. And the train was moving soooo slowly we thought it was better for us to walk to the Promenade! Other participants in the race who were in the train with us seemed worried as well.

After a few minutes of delay, we finally made it to the venue.

Kelvin participated in the Happy Green Chase - an 800m, non-competitive event. We were just in time as the participants were still in the holding area. 

Kelvin at the holding area

waiting for his race to start

there he is, making his way to the finish line...

waiting at the pick up area. He's holding his completion certificate and wearing his medal

at the carnival with free milo

waiting for the awarding ceremony

Kelvin's school received 2nd place for having the 2nd most number of students who participated in the event

Hoooraaaayyyy Montfortians!

cheers for the team!

lunch time. Making our way to Popeye's at the Singapore Flyer

still in the race mode

final stop - Marina Square....

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