Friday, July 9, 2010

Kelvin turns 10

Time flies so fast. We now have a 10-year-old! That means we have been in Singapore for 10 years now.

We don't really have lavish celebrations for birthdays (except for his 7th birthday). We usually just eat out then bring the kids to a bookstore or toyshop to buy the gift that they want. For Kelvin, most of the times we buy books since he is a bit older for toys now (although he still plays at home). He wanted the Diary of a Wimpy Kid this time. I think that's the "in" book this year. He loves reading books and for the past years he has always been requesting for books as his birthday gift and Christmas gift.

He was quite happy with the gift he got. He was even happier when my sister-in-law bought him the remaining 3 Diary of a Wimpy Kid books as a post-birthday present! He loved the one wherein there were fill in the blanks pages - like he is making his own comic book/diary/story.

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