Friday, July 9, 2010

Registration Days are here again

It's been 4 years since I last participated in the registration exercises for incoming P1 students. That was during Kelvin's time. Now it's Ira's turn. It's easier this time around since Kelvin is already in the school. I just registered Ira under Phase 1 - for children with siblings in the school. The application form was sent through Kelvin on July 6 (first day of registration). I got the confirmation letter yesterday, July 8. So Ira is now officially enrolled at Montfort Junior School.

Same with Kelvin's registration before, I needed to fill up a form for application to offer non-mother tongue language (it's a requirement for students to choose from the 3 languages offered). I called the admin manager to verify if I can apply for exemption for Ira (just trying my luck although I have an idea it won't be allowed). Unfortunately, I was informed (as expected) that MOE does not allow for mother tongue exemption for children coming in as P1. That means he needs to go to P1 with mother tongue first and then his performance will be observed - whether he will perform well in the mother tongue or not. This was the same case as Kelvin. So I guess we will have to see again if Ira can do well in his mother tongue before we could apply for exemption. If we base it on Kelvin's experience he did really well in the first 2 years, but struggled in P3 and now in P4 as the subjects get more and more difficult. Well, I guess they have to bear with that since it's a requirement (unless, of course, they get approved for mother tongue exemption in the future).

We are already looking forward to the orientation day in November. I am already thinking if Ira could find a uniform size that fits his very petite body. Oh well, that's still a few months away. For now, he will still enjoy his K2 days with his friends.

For more details on requirements, you can check my previous blog on P1 Registration.

For information on the schedule for registration per phase, visit MOE website.

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