Thursday, August 26, 2010

Banana Turon

I was in the mood to do some experimenting in the kitchen as I was craving for something - - - turon! It's banana, rolled in brown sugar then wrapped in lumpia (spring roll) wrapper then pan-fried. Yummy!

I checked out my friend's blog for the recipe and started getting busy. Her recipe had jackfruit (langka) which I did not include in mine as I don't want that fruit (sorry, I hate the smell of it).

Here are the ingredients, cooking instructions and some pictures:
- ripe banana (depends on how many turons you want to make)
- brown sugar
- spring roll wrapper (big)
- cooking oil

1. Cut both ends of the banana and peel off skin. Cut into half, lengthwise.
2. Roll the cut banana into the brown sugar. Make sure each piece is well coated.
3. Wrap the sugar-coated banana with spring roll wrapper as if you were making spring rolls.
4. Heat oil in frying pan. Fry the banana rolls (turon) each side until crisp and golden brown.

5. Remove the turons from the frying pan and drain excess oil. 
6. Serve while crispy.

I'll have to say, I enjoyed making and eating them!

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