Monday, August 30, 2010

New Perspective on Fashion

Since I started attending the dressmaking class in July, I had a new perspective whenever I go out window shopping for clothes or bags.

Before, I would go to a shop, look for clothes or bags that I like, check the price, try them on and then decide to buy them or delay the buying process till the next visit. 

Now, I go to a shop, check out designs that I like and then my mind works like this:
- what fabric is good for this design?
- how was this top made? 
- will this be good in a different fabric?
- will I be able to make a pattern for this?
- what other design is better for this fabric?
- will my sewing machine be able to sew on this kind of thick fabric?

and so on....

It's like my mind has it's own mind (if that is even possible). I now think of how I can make the clothing or bag that I see on the shops, not if I have enough money to buy them. It's really interesting.

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