Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Busy.... Busy.... Busy.... Kelvin

Exam week is just around the corner and I'm stressed out again. Not because we are cramming, but because there are a lot of things to do, as far as Kelvin is concerned.

He is preparing for his exams for end August. At the same time he is also undergoing training for their robotics competition which will be held during the school holidays. Bummer! The participants are NOT ALLOWED to go overseas for holidays due to previous years experiences of some boys coming back from holidays sick, or not able to attend the competition because they went on a holiday. I think the competition will be a good experience for Kelvin. This is something that his teacher thinks he is good at and I hope that their team will do well in the competition. Hopefully they make it to the finals.

Aside from reviewing for the exams and robotics training, he also stays back additional 2 days a week to attend CCAs (library club and robotics club). Busy bee, that's what he is nowadays.

I wonder how his schedule will be next year....

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